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1-130-730-02 manifolds

Cappsco International has been the leader in affordable T53 Service for over twenty five years.  We are the only non-Honeywell Facility but we are approved by the United States Federal Aviation Administration to work on the T53 Engine.  This allows us to use customer supplied parts, New Surplus parts, PMA parts as well as Overhauled and Serviceable parts.  Cappsco has partnered with a good core group of companies where we purchase our spare parts from for our work on the T53 engines, so we are not handcuffed by Honeywell Aerospace in regards to our spare parts. 


Cappsco holds one of the largest inventories of T53 engines as well as components and accessories ready for service.  Cappsco also holds a very large inventory of not just overhauled components, but also new spare parts with certification.  Since Midwest Aerospace purchased Cappsco, we are known best by our customers for affordable T53 work as well as our good quality and industry leading warranty.  Our Fuel Control shop can provide the most affordable fuel control and governor options as well as the quickest turn around time.  

Download our capabilities list for more details.

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